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Use this option to add a sponsor logo to any item in the store.  Price includes an embroidered or heatpress type sponsor logo.  It will match the decoration type on the item ordered.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you select the correct quantity!  It is $8/per logo/per item.  If you order 15 toques and 15 Hoodies, and want a sponsor logo on all of them, then you need to select 30 as the quantity of Sponsor logo's in this product.  If each item has a different sponsor, then you would do 15 of sponsor #1 with location, and 15 of sponsor #2 with location.


Location:  If you are not sure, you can select "You Choose" and we will pick the best location for that item.

After you have checked out, please email your sponsor logo to

Your logo file must be in either in a vector (high res) format in order to use it in production.  When you email it to us, we will let you know if it is sutiable or if we require a better file.


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